Why do I need a Marketing Plan?

Now is the perfect time to be planning for next year’s Marketing activities. With so many companies taking a more ‘ad-hoc approach’ we take a brief look at why Marketing Departments need to plan.

Marketing Plan

A clearly defined Marketing Plan will allow you to:

Know your company

A Marketing Plan will give you a better understanding of your organisation. You will see where it fits in the marketplace, which will help you discover what makes you unique.

Align with the Business Plan

It seems crazy to me but there are instances where Marketing Departments aren’t in alignment with the rest of the company.

Having a solid Marketing Plan in place ensures this isn’t the case as it makes sure all efforts are aimed at helping the Business achieve its’ goals.

Know your target market

In developing a Marketing Plan you can clearly define your target market. Knowing the needs and pain points of your ideal customer will allow you to communicate with them more effectively. Not only will your message be on point but you’ll know which the most effective channels are to reach them.

Allocate resources effectively

Once you have the above nailed you’ll be able to allocate resource and budget accordingly rather than just throwing time and money at what you hope will work.

Remain focused

This goes without saying really but having a Marketing Plan keeps you focused. It will help keep the day to day operations running smoothly.


Remember that once the plan is created it is not set in stone. It is a living document that should be reviewed regularly and refined as your business progresses.

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