Content marketing top tips

I’ve been looking at this a lot recently and the following tips seem to be the most popular to ensure your marketing content is effective. I’ve put my spin on them but you’ll find these seem popular with most Marketers!

Target your audience. This seems obvious but by focusing on a single group your content is much more meaningful, rather than trying to be a one size fits all. That doesn’t mean you only have one type of audience but it means only having one audience per message. Understand your audience and tailor messages accordingly.

Use customer-based examples. Its no good just telling people your products/service features, you need to showcase why they have worked for a client. Tell a story, use a case study.

Use images & media. A picture paints a thousand words is true! People love a picture or an infographic, so use them, but use them wisely and make sure they are relevant. The same goes for media, use videos and interactive presentations.

Re-purpose your content. Look to use your pre-existing content in additional ways to maximise coverage. For example consider using an existing collateral piece as the basis for video or podcast. Would it work as an image? Could you share it on Social Media as a series? Having the basic content ready to re-use and maximise your exposure, links beautifully to my next point!

Promote you content. It doesn’t matter how great your content is or even how much you can re-purpose it if no one sees. Make sure you post it on social media, email it out to your contact list, even print it out and post it! Sometimes the old fashioned approach is the best approach.There are of course numerous other ways to improve your content marketing … I saw one article that had a top 50(!) but I think the above are all simple yet effective ways to maximise your efforts!

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